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Crime has been a part of human behaviour ever since we became a civilised society. Naturally, criminal behaviour also paved way for rules to be established about what acceptable behavioural norms are and what is condemned and worthy of being punished. Crime, as a concept, is quite fluid and contextual. Some form of behaviour might be completely outlawed in a particular society whereas the same behaviour might be accepted in another. Our customs and rituals change with every few miles on land, same is true for behaviour and what constitutes crime. During the medieval period, there was a legal system in place but British certainly get the credit for laying down a proper procedure for maintenance of a just order, finding out if the accused is guilty and according a punishment befitting the nature of crime. Lord Macaulay chaired the first Law Commission which drafted the Indian Penal Code which was enacted in 1860. This statute brought whole India under uniform legislation.

It is primarily upto the government to make sure the laws they make, are implemented too, in letter and spirit. However, along with the lawmakers, the lawyers play a significant role in making sure these laws are put into practice and the citizens for whose benefit they have were enacted, are able to access justice. It is the duty of the government machinery to ensure that crime is controlled. Once a crime has been committed, it is the criminal lawyers who make sure the accused, if guilty, is punished and the victim(s) gets justice. Practising criminal law comes with a lot of responsibility and demands a lot of courage. To stand upto the wrongs committed and dealing with matters of life and death is no easy feat. Criminal lawyers put themselves at risk to make sure justice prevails at the end of the day.

Though it is reiterated time and again that the attitude towards the accused should be “innocent until proven guilty” however the same is not true in practice. It is rather the other way around. Once charged with a crime, reputation, family ties, and professional relations- everything takes a beating. In this critical time, it is absolutely necessary to have someone defend you aggressively and prove your innocence. Criminal law requires the authorities to prove that the accused is guilty as charged. There is hardly any margin for error where it is question of life and death. An individual or a group embroiled in criminal proceedings must not take it lightly and should not compromise on the help being sought. A wrong decision in this regard could spell doom for the rest of your life. You must hire the best of talent out there. Our track record is a testimony to the fact that our criminal lawyers have successfully handled criminal cases of varied nature and we have diversified our practice areas ever since we started out.

Criminal Lawyers Practice Areas

Practicing for the last 45 years in the tri-city, our law firm has some of the best criminal lawyers on its panel. What makes us the preferred choice of an elite clientele which includes individuals and groups is our unblemished track record over the years. Our criminal lawyers have in depth knowledge and experience of handling criminal law disputes of varied nature. Our practice areas are the most variegated among the law firms of the city. Seasoned advocates, with decades of experience, they have been successfully representing clients caught in various issues pertaining to criminal law as follows:

  • Anticipatory Bail- We take up cases for grant of anticipatory bail.
  • Fraud and Forgery (including cheating with Bank/ Financial Institutions)- In case you are being harassed due to fraud or forged documents, including those related to financial matters, consult us for quick solution
  • Cheating- Criminal cases related to cheating are on the rise. If you find yourself embroiled in one such problem, do not delay seeking professional legal assistance
  • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cases- We have also represented clients with cases being investigated by the C.B.I.
  • Company related criminal cases (financial frauds, chit-funds)
  • Criminal Appeal- If you need to file an appeal in a criminal case and want to know the plausibility of the same being considered by the court, consult our panel of criminal lawyers for the best advice.
  • Criminal Breach of Trust
  • Criminal Revisions
  • Criminal Writs- We also file criminal writs on behalf of our clients
  • Protection of life and liberty of NRI(s) – Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience of dealing with NRI clients. Usually in property disputes often the opposite party indulges in criminal activities to intimidate NRIs. Hence correct legal advice is necessary for your own safety.
  • Dishonor of Cheques (s.138 of Negotiable Instruments Act)
  • Domestic Violence matters including cases under section 498A of IPC – Domestic violence matters witness a lot of false complaints and due to a minor error in the pleadings often the innocent end up getting punished. In case you have filed one or a case has been filed against you, you must not leave it to chance and seek help of an experienced criminal lawyer at the earliest.
  • Drafting and Filing Criminal complaints and FIRs – Our team of criminal lawyers help you out at every step, right from filing of complaint to the resolution of your case and we make sure you do not face any encumbrances during the process.
  • Embezzlement
  • IPR/ Intellectual Property Rights/ Cyber Laws and Piracy related criminal proceedings- With the advent of technology cyber crime are touching new highs with every passing day. Losses can be immense if not looked into within a safe time limit
  • Juvenile Justice Act – It is a sad reality that we have a lot of juveniles indulging in criminal activities. Our firm also represents cases related to juveniles.
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Narcotics and Drugs violations under NDPS Act – With increased drug use, crime related to sale/purchase/consumption of drugs is also rampant. We have been representing the state as well as individuals caught in cases under the NDPS Act.
  • Prevention of Corruption Act – We get a lot of clients from public servants as well as common people filing complaints against the former. This is another practice area where the outcome of the case depends largely on the criminal attorney representing it.
  • Quashing of Criminal Complaints
  • Quashing of FIR (First Information Report) – An FIR can be quashed by approaching the High Court. A lot of people are unaware about the procedure and often get misled. Hence we always recommend seeking help of skilled criminal lawyers if you want to get an FIR quashed.
  • Quashing of PO proceedings
  • Regular Bails – A layman, when caught in criminal litigation is unaware of his/her rights and prone to being harassed inordinately. To avoid this, you must consult an established criminal lawyer at the earliest.
  • Special Investigation Team (SIT) related cases – Our team of criminal lawyers has vast experience of being legal representatives in SIT related cases
  • Suspension of Sentence

Why Choose us

  • Our Vision – We are committed to providing the best to our clients and always perform better than our best standards. Every case, every client is important and we have a whole team working on a case albeit you may interact with just one of the criminal lawyers of our firm.
  • Our Mission – Criminal cases often take the innocent into their hold and have the potential of destroying their careers, families and lives. It is more than a professional duty for us. Criminal litigation is about upholding the faith of people in the judicial system. Being criminal lawyers we are empowered enough to enlighten others about their rights and not be victims of undue harassment.
  • Team Work – Our firm believes in the power of team work. A lone attorney, no matter how skilled, cannot match upto the prowess of a complete team. When more heads think and work together, we get results much faster and better. Therefore we have a well trained panel handling criminal litigation. Our senior criminal lawyers are assisted by their subordinates to research all the aspects, come up with immaculate arguments and debate every point of contention.
  • Transparency – We believe in keeping all our communications with our clients transparent and honest. We walk the talk and condone misleading the clients. Our client is informed about every move we plan and the basic procedure of litigation. We let our clients know the merits of the case in the first meeting itself rather than coaxing them to expect a sure victory. Everything from the due process, to the liabilities informed- is out in the open for the client to make an informed decision. We discuss all the options available to the client as well as the possibilities of the case ending up as. For an individual caught in legal trouble criminal in nature, his attorney is his link and path to justice and we make sure we honour our end of the deal and uphold the ideals of law practice.
  • Tailor made solutions – It isn’t just about your case, it’s about you. Every client is unique, with their own backgrounds. We keep into account all these factors while interacting with our clients and legally representing them. Similarly every case needs a unique approach and specific legal perspective. Our research team goes into the depth of the matter and try to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the case. We have combined experience of almost a half century to guide you through complicated legal procedure and walk by your side till your case is resolved.
  • Passionate Advocacy – We are passionate about our work and make sure our results reflect the same. Every case we take up is a project in itself and we have our diligent lawyers working relentlessly to ensure we get favourable outcomes. We are committed to ensure justice prevails and innocents don’t get bogged down by tedious procedures or wrong convictions. We leave no stone unturned to make sure our client’s rights are enforced. With our dedicated hard work and consistent results, you need not worry once you have trusted us with your case.

Criminal Justice System

Criminal litigation takes its toll on the individuals involved. It isn’t just the individual or group who is party to the case who gets affected, but also the families, his profession, his societal ties suffer. Justice system is India still lags behind in certain respects if compared to the West. We have trials lasting upto decades, there are misleading people who further complicate matters, there’s corruption at every level and in every department- fight for justice is no less than a battle. No doubt, people go through tremendous mental pressure and emotional upheaval if unfortunately they get caught in criminal law trouble. In such testing times, our firm has always stood by its clients and fought for their rights like our own. We promise our clients to be there for them day and night and we honour our words. It isn’t just a profession for us, it is our passion. You must garner the best of talent, the most knowledgeable of attorneys and the most established firm to represent you. Criminal proceedings can have life-altering consequences, for better or worse. Therefore you must consult the criminal lawyers willing to fight tooth and nail for you.

Usually some unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances lead a person to seek help from a criminal lawyer. Whether you have been falsely accused or you have been grievously wronged, you must not compromise on the legal help you seek. The fate of a criminal lawsuit, among all types of cases, is particularly dependent on the lawyer you choose to represent you. The competence of your criminal lawyer is a deciding factor in the success of your lawsuit. In case you find yourself being made party to a criminal case, you must immediately consult an experienced criminal lawyer who will be able to defend your case and secure your rights. Our law firm has some of the most sought after criminal lawyers and we make sure we fight tooth and nail for our clients.

Our objective has always been to provide the best to our clients. We provide tailor made solutions as per the client’s predicament. A criminal lawyer must be tactful and a tough negotiator at the same time. We have to be scholars to know all the precedents set by the judiciary related to the matter at hand and also researchers and investigators to be able to catch hold of any loopholes in the case which we could use to our advantage and get a step ahead from the opposite party. We approach every case from a holistic perspective since whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We analyse in minute detail both the bigger picture and its parts to gain deeper insight into the issue and chart out a plan to ensure a favourable outcome. We have a simple philosophy: to give our cent percent to every task we commit to.

What makes us unique

Over the years, we have constantly honed our skills and strengthened our team to keep pace with the changing scenario in the domain of litigation. We have our own formula for success, referred to as the A,B,C of providing exceptional legal services over the decades:

  • Accomplished Advocates – Every lawyer of our legal team is proficient at his/her job and completely driven to work towards higher achievements. We have some of the best talent pool and together that makes us the preferred choice of a vast clientele. Criminal lawsuits could lead to dire consequences if the evidence is not properly challenged or defended- as per the situation, a minor error in pleadings could be a matter of freedom or confinement for our client. This is why we tread carefully yet fearlessly while representing our clients in the court and debate with precision to counter the arguments and claims of the opposite party.
  • Best in class track record – We have been persistent towards achieving our and our clients’ goals and we do not rest until we have fulfilled our duty towards our clients. We take pride in being perfectionists and taking care of every miniscule detail which might otherwise be overlooked. We have had a successful stint which expands over decades. Our lawyers use their best knowledge, their extensive experience and all the available resources to align our objectives with the client’s. Our unfaltering resolve to ensure the client’s rights stay protected and enforced has brought us this far.
  • Client Satisfaction – We cultivate a completely transparent relationship with our clients and our lawyers are available 24/7 to answer all and any query the client may have. We take time to get to know the client, review the situation they are caught in, discuss all possible courses of action available to them. As counselors, we tell them our point of view as well as know what action they are willing to take and then find the best solution to the problem. We believe in being completely honest with our clients. Often we have had clients who were either overcharged for the services, or not given personal attention or the case mishandled and made worse than before. Clients are usually wary of sharing all the details and we make sure we get them aboard in the comfort zone where they can trust us and together we can find a way out for them.
  • Dedication towards duty – We do not consider being a lawyer as just another job, it is more of a duty towards our fellow beings. We have been able to help hundreds over the years who were wrongly accused of crimes, falsely embroiled in major criminal cases, victims who had to bear the brunt of someone else’s heinous actions. We believe that representing these clients is a huge responsibility and we owe it to our clients to fight for their rights and clear them of any false charges. Our unwavering dedication has been a major factor in our success. Every case is looked into diligently and prepared with utmost care not to leave any loose ends or miss any nuance. Every client gets personalised attention and consultation round the clock.
  • Expertise and Experience – Our lawyers are some of the most experienced and seasoned lawyers of the city. Their expertise and knowledge is unmatched. We have an enviable success record and an elite clientele. Every client matters to us and we give our best to every case we handle.

Being part of criminal lawsuits can have life changing consequences therefore only the best of criminal lawyers must be hired to represent the case. We have a history of successful representations, including in some of the most complex of cases. Our approach to get things done and with all our might and knowledge has ensured a track record we are proud of. It is our constant drive towards excellence and providing the best to every client that has made us the preferred choice of hundreds. It is an honour for us to be counted on, in the most precarious of circumstances one could face in life.



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